Psychology of Sock Colour: what your socks reveal about you

Can socks help you understand your friends and colleagues better? Bertrand’s proper socks have some tips on where to start.

Psychologists have made numerous studies about psychology of colour. Are you particularly attracted by a sock colour? There’s a lot more to it than just mood – favourite colour of socks can reveal a whole lot of information about you as a person.

Here are some possible meanings of this simple yet bespoke garment.

Red: symbolises action, decision making, alertness. Bright red may be associated with passion, whereas dark greyed red – with danger and evil.

Bertrand's Red Men Socks | Cotton Socks | Sock Shop
Orange: has mainly positive, warm associations. People who chose orange are communicative, open and sociable. Great colour to choose when you’re about to go out and socialise!

Green: calm, balance and joy. This colour is associated with growth, development and progress. (Check our Green Peter Pan Socks)

Pattern Green Mens Socks | Bertrand's Sock Shop

Yellow: colour of wisdom. Bright and alert, may mean you will feel sharp the day you choose to wear it. Perfect if you want to stay in control. (Check our Iris Sun Yellow Socks)

Bertrand's Yellow Mens Socks | Sock Shop

Blue: peace, tranquillity and harmony. Chill out for the day and put one of Bertrand’s blue-inspired socks to fight agitation and stress. (Check Orbit Blue White socks from Bertrand’s)

Blue White Mens Socks | Bertrands Sock Shop

Purple: creative and spiritual colour that will bring inspiration and artistic spirit into your daily life.

Pink: warm, bold colour that will bring you extra attention. Think pink is just for girls? Think again! (Try our

Black: colour of hidden, secret and mysterious. Experiment with different textures and materials to uncover effect it may produce. Wear black to create air of intrigue around you.

And you? 
What Sock Colour are You? For more styles or subscription visit Bertrand’s Sock Shop.

Colour psychology: meaning of Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black

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