design-a-sockHaven’t found a pair of socks that you like? How about designing a pair yourself?

Bertrand’s believe that everyone has the potential for creative “sock-cess” regardless of background. To that end we’ll be running competitions to design your own socks. If you win we’ll create your socks, give you some stuff and you’ll justifiably be able to call yourself a “fashion designer”, well done you.

Please download the pdf file: Design-a-sock blank.  You can start the design by using graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Gimp) or just simply print out the file and design your socks the old fashion way.

The design must include a short description (200 words max) of the design concept, appropriate pattern size and pantone uncoated colour code (See additional information for the Design template, Bertrand’s size guide and Pantone uncoated colour code).

Please save your designs into a pdf file with file name: surname_firstname. For designers who like designing the old fashion way, please scan your drawings and make sure they are readable.

If you’re interested in rolling up your socks and getting stuck in then please contact us by using the form in this design-a-sock-examplespage or send it to

See additional information and links­­:

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