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Design Creator

Marta was an artist in her past life and will be an artist in her next life. In this life she is the art core of bertrand’s. Her design philosophy of blending classic Italian design with a cosmopolitan vibe is sure to make the perfect pair of socks for the modern gentlemen. When it comes to art, she is deadly serious.




Xixi took to socks like a cigar to whiskey. An idea-woman, with experience in neuroscience and finance, she’s as cool as it gets. How did she get into men socks? Never mind. Xixi is the driving force behind bertrand’s, with her no-nonsense approach and get-your-hands- dirty spirit. Don’t be scared if she gets emotional. She just doesn’t take no for an answer.



Marketing Executive

Bart is an explorer, traveller and the sensible one. He studied in Spain, France, Canada to end up in vibrant London start-up scene, focusing on marketing and advertising. Socks are his obsession. He has a great sense of fashion and couldn’t be a better fit to consider what is the best style for today’s modern gentlemen.


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